Watch NFL Online: Sports lovers will be happy to note that there are many options now through which they can keep up with the games anywhere they are. For those who cannot do without the Sunday afternoon games on CBS and Fox or the night football on NBC, Monday night football games on ESPN or the Thursday night football on CBS,NBC, and the NFL network. Other much-anticipated sports competitions include the Thanksgiving Day games and Saturday games which come up late in the season, then the round of playoffs preceding the Super Bowl which comes up on February 4, 2018.

Watch NFL Online

Watch NFL Online

The NFL RedZone gives people who have a running cable TV subscription access to watch the football games even when they are not at home, but with some limitations. The access covers the live coverage broadcast from the games played on Sunday when the team is in the “red zone” or when a touchdown is likely to be scored. The die-hard football fans will find this feature very important to keep up with the games. Users can have access to the app on their mobile devices- IOS and Android or alternatively with a computer or Xbox consoles between 1pm and 8pm on Sundays when the NFL season has begun.

You can’t miss an NFL live stream on Sundays if you have the Direct TV Sunday Ticket. You can either subscribe directly to the $60 a month standard plan or visit a sports bar close to you that shows the games on this subscription.

It is now easier to get the Sunday ticket, Direct TV currently offers the NFL Sunday Ticket TV at $49.99. This service if available to everyone that lives in areas where there is no access to Direct TV satellites services. It has also been subsidized for students in the college who can enjoy this Sunday Ticket service via the app for only $24.99 monthly. Many users appreciate this service because they can now Watch NFL Online on the Sunday Ticket TV right from a computer or other devices like the Apple TV, mobile devices, and Roku.

If you are a Verizon customer, there is an awesome opportunity for you, this is a deal as good as it gets. It is the NFL Mobile service which sounds even more attractive now that Verizon has reduced its monthly rates by $5. It is exclusive to Verizon customers who can stream local and national NFL football games played on Mondays nights, Thursday night, Sunday night, NFL on Fox and NFL on CBS on mobile devices. To have an added access to the NFL red zone, subscribers will be required to pay a monthly fee of $2, to view the touchdown moments of all the games on Sunday.

We can’t talk about watching the NFL streaming from any location and not mention the option of watching all the NFL games online, however, there is a clause and that is you can only watch the game online after it is over. This is a perfect arrangement for football lovers who can avoid getting to know the scores before the watch the game online. This service is provided by the NFL game pass at a fee of $99 per year, this will give you access to watch any game you want directly on your computer, mobile devices or Xbox console. By using the game pass service, you will be able to choose from the preseason games, listen to live broadcast of games and view the edited version of a full game that has been shrunk into 30 minutes. We know not much can be compared to the thrill of watching a game unfold live but this service is perfect for people who might not find it convenient to watch NFL Online free live games because of their jobs or other reasons.

Monday night games always get a huge viewership, if you fall into this category of people; your best bet for NFL live stream is ESPN. Many packages include ESPN, this service gives you access to ESPN live programs that can be viewed on a wide range of devices. All you need to do is download the ESPN app to check for compatibility for your device. After successfully downloading the app on your mobile device, sign in with the details of your cable provider. Now you can catch the live Monday night football live action anywhere you are.

The Thursday night football experience is another great time for football. Football lovers can catch the live action on CBS via the CBS All Access online. For $6 monthly access fee, you can check out an archive of past CBS shows as well as watch your local CBS station live with your mobile devices, video game consoles or computer anywhere you are.